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Lap Exam - Ages 1 to 2
Manassas, VA

Two year old boy sitting on his dad's lap for dental exam at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Manassas, VaGoing to the dentist can be a bit nerve-racking no matter the age, but especially for younger children around the ages of 1-2. It can also cause some anxiety in the parent as well. To children, it can cause them to be nervous to have a stranger poking around in their mouths, especially since kids that age are not able to speak for themselves or understand what is going on. This is why our office Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry focuses on the lap-to-lap technique.

What Is the Lap to Lap technique?

The lap to lap, also known as a lap visit, is very beneficial for young children. Rather than laying back in a chair or over a table, your young child will be able to lay partially in your lap. Their head will rest in the dentist’s lap, letting the dentist look at their teeth while your child looks up at you.

By having you close by, it means that things are safe, especially for a young child. They can look at you, hold your hands, and watch as you remain calm and reinforce the dentist’s instructions. This helps them make the connection that the dentist is not hurting them but helping them instead.

Even if they are not able to lie still or are still apprehensive about opening their mouths, a lap visit is always an experience that can get them close to the dentist. They will slowly get used to our pediatric dentist, and soon they will be comfortable enough to open up. Your child should come to see us around every six months once they get their first tooth, so we can make sure that their growing mouth is as healthy as can be.

Benefits of Lap Visits

Lap visits can be very beneficial for your child because you are close to them. It is essential that you remain calm and gently soothe your child or repeat the dentist’s instructions. Your child will be looking to you for comfort and strength, and the lap visit is at its best when you provide that.

Meanwhile, we will be looking at your child’s teeth and sharing any anomalies or concerns we might have. We do our best to have these visits not take very long because your child might have trouble sitting still.

Great for Kids and Parents

Taking a young child to the dentist can be nerve-racking for both kids and the parents. This is especially true if it is their first dental visit. A lap-to-lap exam is one of the best ways to get everyone comfortable with one another and will allow you to see how our trained, pediatric dentists can take care of your child. We are here to address any questions or concerns. Feel free to schedule your little one's first dental visit with one of our pediatric dentists. Please come visit us at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry or call 571-833-0344, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you! We are looking forward to seeing you!
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Please come visit us at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and one of our team members will be happy to assist you!
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