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Tips for Brushing Effectively
Manassas, VA

A child brushing their teeth at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Manassas, VaOn the surface, brushing your teeth does not seem that difficult. You just bring the toothpaste-covered toothbrush across your teeth and try to scrub the plaque off of them. It is not all that hard when you think about it, but unfortunately many people do not brush their teeth correctly. Our team at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry emphasizes preventive care and proper guidance.

We have created the list below of tips to make sure that you are brushing your teeth effectively and are making the most out of that two-minute brush time with you and your child.

Do Not Brush Hard

It is natural to put some pressure on your teeth while cleaning them, as you do want to get the bristles of your regular or electric toothbrush into the nooks and crannies. However, brushing too hard can cause problems for your teeth. Putting too much pressure can lead to pain, bleeding gums, and does not help you clean your teeth efficiently. It is important for you to know how to put the proper pressure on your teeth while cleaning to ensure you can show your child.

When you brush, you should be holding your toothbrush and moving it around your mouth. If it is an electric brush, then you just need to hold it against your teeth to allow the spinning bristles to do their work. For a manual brush, you will need to move the brush back and forth.

Touch Every Tooth

It is surprising how many people only brush and floss the front teeth because it's the only part of your mouth that people can see. However, all of your mouth is important, and if you are not taking care of it, then problems much bigger than a cavity can occur in your mouth.

You should be touching every tooth in every corner of your mouth. A good way to do this is by dividing your mouth into four sections and spending thirty seconds going back and forth on each section.

Spend time on your teeth, gums, and tongue, bringing the toothbrush over each part of your mouth. Continue this when flossing your teeth, and make sure to floss between every tooth that you can reach, not just the front ones.

Replace Your Toothbrush!

Around every few months, you should notice that the bristles on your brush are starting to get frayed and worn. That is the sign that you will need to get a new brush, and you should be replacing it. A brush with fewer working bristles is one that is less effective at cleaning your mouth, and your brushing will not be as effective.

Brushing is simple on the surface, but you need to make sure that you are doing it right. A good brushing routine will do wonders for your mouth health, and it is not that hard to implement. If you need any more help with getting your brushing routine off the ground, please call 571-833-0344 to speak to one of our Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry dentists!
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We at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry want to make sure that you are making the most out of that two-minute brush time with you and your child! Call us today!
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